Thursday, December 15, 2011

Better late than never

I know I do not post often enough...I don't know why. A lot of things have happened again!!! The summer flew by with swimming, vacations, class reunions, & weddings!! Then August came & I began work as a regular education teacher (all 14dayslol). On August 31st I was sitting in PD and I started having a lot of pain so much that my principal made me leave & go to the dr. I'm so glad he did because I was actually going into labor!!!! Yikes, I was only 33 weeks. They admitted me to the hospital to slow down my worked ;) but they realized Rex was getting caught in a cord so I was put on bed rest!!! :(. I was on bed rest for 2 weeks when I started having the same pain so David loaded me up again & we headed to the hospital. This time Rex stopped breathing 3 times in 1 hour after seeing every dr & specialist (except my own he was on vacation)they decided to do a c-section so instead of us being blessed with Rex in October we got him a whole month & 1 week early!!! We welcomed him into this world on September 15th @ 12:13 Pm. Since he was so early he had to spend a week in NICU. The staff was wonderful!! We were blessed to be in such a great place. I can't believe today he is 3 months where does the time go??

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