Sunday, June 5, 2011

More of this & that!!!

Since my last post we have gone to Boston, finished another school year, & found out the sex of our baby...very exciting news!!!!
We had a great time in Boston even though I was sick the whole time!!! :(. David finished in the top 10% which is awesome & he beat his time by 4 1/2 minutes. We were also able to go to a Celtics/Knicks playoff game. That was a once in a lifetime experience. I also was able to buy some accessories. Lol
I'm switching jobs this next school year too! I have been given the opportunity to be a 2nd grade regular education teacher. I'm so excited to have my own class & room. I'm going to start decorating my room tomorrow. I will post pics later!!!
So, I saved the best for last, Baby Taylor is a...BOY!!!! We will meet Rex Duncan Taylor in October. We went to Indy this week to see GLEE on Thursday night & it was fantastic and even David enjoyed it!! While we were there we bought a cute outfit for Rex at Gap & his first Colts shirt...I think he will b SPOILED!!! Lol. Now, that it's summer we are going to start on Rex's nursery too!!