Sunday, April 10, 2011

Where do I start???

It's been a while I know...I forgot how to post!!!! Lol. Many things have happened since the last time I posted. I will start from the beginning. We had a wonderful Christmas filled with spending time with friends and family. Hopefully, I will b able to post pictures soon. Then January brought on the snow and snow days. We had more snow days in January than we actually worked!!! Crazy, I know. Then February, when the wild ride really began...on February 10th (another snow day) I wasn't feeling too well so I asked David to take me to Walmart to buy a pregnancy test...who knows why!!! I just felt different :). I didn't even think I really was because I was drinking a diet coke when I took the test...but to my shock and amazement it came back positive!!!! David was shocked and didn't believe me when I told him!!! Lol. Even though I've been sick & tired ever since!! Ha! He still struggles with it till this day. We told our parents on Valentine's Day!!!! Next, came March the snow was finally behind us and we had our first dr appointment. It was so exciting to c our baby for the first time!!! David & I both cried. Then March finally became April & Spring Break!!!! It was a very big week for The Taylor's!! First, I had to take my National Boards Test (hardest test I've ever taken). I'll let u know if I passed in DECEMBER!!!! Can u believe I have to wait that long!!! Next, came our 2nd dr appointment where we were able to hear Baby Taylor's heartbeat. Mommy & Baby r doing great!!! I'm even getting my baby bump!! :). I finished the week with going to c my niece & nephew (yes, My sister had a baby boy March 19th) and watched Addison play in her first soccer game. It was soooooo cute. Now, u r up to date on my life. Hopefully, I will remember to post more often. Ha!! Oh Yeah, we go to Boston Saturday for David to run in the Marathon. I think I will have to stick to shopping for shoes & jewelry this year!!! Lol

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